Education | 교육

Education | 교육

Exploring the ways we can support and nurture students

Mental Health | 정신 건강

Mental Health | 정신 건강

Learning how we can care for each other, as well as ourselves

Social Equality | 사회적 평등

Social Equality | 사회적 평등

Examining social issues and supporting underrepresented voices

Open the door to healing at Indie Doorway!


“Healing isn’t just possible: it’s inevitable. “

Welcome to the beginnings of “Indie Doorway”, a film streaming platform & social campaign for mental/emotional healing through art, science, and social awareness. 

Beginning with our launch film “Permission to Exist”, a documentary a decade in the making, we aim to take a deep dive into the human condition to help heal the hearts and minds of students across the globe. 

With our team mostly based in Seoul, LA, and NYC, we’re beginning with a focus on students in South Korea and the United States. 

In 2020, The Korea Times reported 1 in 3 middle and high school students contemplated death by suicide. Students were already suffering from academic pressure and the trials of being a teenager when COVID swept the globe, heightening a bubbling mental health crisis. 

It’s time we all put more consideration into our mental and emotional health, both at an individual and institutional level. Let’s let go of the stigma surrounding mental health once and for all, and teach our students self-care, self-esteem, and compassion for themselves and the world around them. 

Indie Doorway hopes to do this through presenting documentary films, talks and lectures with mental health professionals, functional medicine doctors that can help us better understand the brain-body connection, and collaborations with talented artists. 

Our first interactive initiative is asking folks from around the globe to write poems about their mental health struggles and triumphs. We’ll then hire actors to read the poems aloud, and dancers to perform to them! If you have a poem you’d like to submit, send it to: 

We’re still in our beginning launch stages now, and looking forward to growing together! 

Student Testimonial

"The size of the education problem in Korea is beyond imagination. Like no one can tell what hell is like before they are in it. These students’ suffering can’t be easily explained by words or statistics and numbers. I’ve been in that system for all my life. Even now, when I’m finally free from the 'Sunung' college entrance exam boundary, and starting university, I cannot - no, would not - forget how I felt during those [high school] days. I want things to be changed. I’ve got passion and all I need now is a way. You have shown me one."*

- South Korean student (quote from letter written in student's second language English)