Education | 교육

Education | 교육

Exploring the ways we can support and nurture students

Mental Health | 정신 건강

Mental Health | 정신 건강

Learning how we can care for each other, as well as ourselves

Social Equality | 사회적 평등

Social Equality | 사회적 평등

Examining social issues and supporting underrepresented voices

Reviews and reactions to the platform's launch film, Permission to Exist:

"Magnificent! Hits like a bombshell. It's a wonderful film, filled with so many small delights, but the biggest delight of all is the power and poignancy of the music and choreography. It's truly brilliant!"

- Bob Compton, producer of Oscar-winning films such as Cartel Land, The Hunting Ground, and Rich Hill

"This project is amazing! The last time I was in Korea, I was told many times that I needed plastic surgery. No surgery will ever make you perfect, and the goal shouldn't be to be "perfect." Learn to love who you are, even the flaws and imperfections. That's what makes you you - a unique and BEAUTIFUL YOU."

- Arden Cho, Korean-American actress in television series such as Teen Wolf and Chicago Med

"The size of the education problem in Korea is beyond imagination. Like no one can tell what hell is like before they are in it. These students’ suffering can’t be easily explained by words or statistics and numbers. I’ve been in that system for all my life. Even now, when I’m finally free from the 'Sunung' college entrance exam boundary, and starting university, I cannot - no, would not - forget how I felt during those [high school] days. I want things to be changed. I’ve got passion and all I need now is a way. You have shown me one."*

- South Korean student (quote from letter written in student's second language English)

About Us

Indie Doorway is a social commentary film streaming platform that aims to question and challenge society’s status quo. We hope that the showcased content stimulates positive communication so that we may better understand each other and ourselves.

We exist to foster a shared space for students and those interested in Korea’s culture and language. And with time, we will become a platform that progresses to connect with many more circles.

Come join us - we’re just getting started!