Indie Doorway is a niche film streaming platform, devoted to healing, mental health awareness, social issues, promoting wellbeing, inspiration, and learning through fun, film, and entertainment. 

Join now to watch our launch film, Indie Doorway original feature film "Permission to Exist"

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If you're curious about the creators of Indie Doorway and "Permission to Exist", check out this interview with the director of “Permission to Exist", Kelley Katzenmeyer: 

And these fun pictures of the Indie Doorway team!:

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Writer/Editor Jaeho Lee, Director/Editor Kelley Katzenmeyer, Producer Cheol-Young Kim

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Choreographer JeongHwa Oh

Choreographer Picture

Choreographer Dongjun Seo

Dance Team Picture

Dance Team

Camera Team Picture

Camera Team

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Indie Doorway is currently a cross-cultural project between South Korea and the United States, with all of our content available in both English and Korean.

Some of our upcoming films are hard-hitting documentaries that tackle tough topics, others are feel-good films that will inspire you and make you smile. Our content also includes interviews, lectures, dance, and music, with all things relating to inspiration, motivation, and healing.

We're doing our soft launch now, May (Mental Health Awareness Month!) 2021, and will be adding new content to the platform each month.

Have suggestions for future content you’d like to see? Write to us anytime- we’d love to hear from you! We’re here to serve you.

We are also starting a grant for aspiring filmmakers to create works that matter to their communities- if you're a filmmaker with ideas to pitch us- or if you'd like to get involved in Indie Doorway some other way, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Happy learning, happy healing!

-Indie Doorway Team